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Peggy Phoenix Dubro, creator of the internationally recognized EMF Balancing Technique®, is now offering personal “Reflections” sessions from her latest work via telephone, Skype or Skype video.

Give yourself the gift of focus and clarity!

What is a Reflections Session?

These one-hour sessions offer a unique personal energy assessment combined with energy alignments to assist you to manifest the changes and the intentions you choose as an evolutionary being. We are awakening to an ability to think and act “quantum” in the new energy. The Reflections session will assist you to deepen your ability to do that! Spend time with Peggy and let her reflect the quantum magnificence of you! Channeled in the energy of love.

Working with a Statement of Focused Intent you create with Peggy a unique energy pattern that increases your ability to amplify and manifest your intentions. With focus and clarity you will transform the energy of your intention into the energy of conscious creation. Each session includes a powerful and loving Reflections alignment. Designed to expand the intelligence of your heart!!

What can you expect during a Reflections session?

Focus We begin with an opening statement of intent of your choice. This sets the resonance for your session, which focuses and amplifies your ability to manifest your intent and new surprising potentials. Your energy responds to the resonance of the Reflection according to your inner wisdom.

Align The heart centered coherence we share together in this energy session generates the appropriate personal energy alignments of support as you open to knowing and being more of who you are in a profoundly balanced energy of wisdom and love.

Choose From a quantum perspective you will see clearly how you are using your energy. This viewpoint enables you to shift your energy from actions that no longer serve you into the actions you prefer to empower. Co-create with greater freedom.

Being At the end of the session you radiate energy from a place of very deep stillness from the core of your being amplifying a quantum state of grace.

  • A Reflection session supports you as you co create your life of choice with Insight Channeling! Questions may be asked during any part of the session.

  • You may experience energetic movement as there are direct energy alignments and adjustments that will occur.

  • Each session is recorded and sent to you.

There is a high demand for private sessions with Peggy and the available times fill up very quickly. Please book your session as soon as possible.

Time of Change Special:
1 hour Reflections Session – Regular US$300.00 Special US$233.00

To schedule a session with Peggy, please fill in and submit this form:

Group Reflections Sessions available –
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Peggy is also available for any of the EMF sessions Phases I-XIII by
telephone, Skype, or Skype video.
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“Peggy Phoenix Dubro has a gift. She has “quantum sight.” This means that with your permission, she can look at your energy, no matter how far away you are, and can “reflect back” the quantum energy within you…much of which you have never seen. Her sessions are the result of 20 years working with the quantum energies within the Lattice, the sphere of co creation that surrounds you, a profound matrix of quantum design that all Humans have. Who better to read and work with this part of your being than the one who has created and stewarded this Lattice work for almost a generation. She has the experience!”
Lee Carroll/Kryon

“Peggy’s innovative work with the field of all life leads us to the place in ourselves where love, healing, and peace begin. Her techniques are practical, effective, and they work!”
Gregg Braden – Author of The Isaiah Effect, The God Code, The Divine Matrix

“I met Peggy in Banff Canada in 1997, and received one of the most amazing healings of my life. The energy was utterly astonishing, so pure, so potent and so balancing…”
James Tyberonn, Earth-Keeper


“It was like you were right here with me. The energy flowed so beautifully, I felt nurtured and more capable to make the changes I chose. I am living my life in greater awareness of my own being.” B. D. USA

“Thank you so much for my beautiful Reflections session. I felt very supported and embraced by the energy of wisdom, grace, and love. Your ability to clarify my intention was powerful and clear.” P. B. Australia

“Gratitude for the Reflection session – I feel wonderful and have a deeper understanding of just where I want to be. It has helped so much to go over this statement of focused intent with you, to be able to strengthen, clarify, and focus on what feels right to me.” J.H. New Zealand

“After the Reflection session, I started to clearly practice everything I had reviewed and I am happy to report my family dynamics are changing for the better. I know I feel better and they feel that too”. A. P. Argentina

“I have done all the sessions (EMF and Reflections) with Peggy. The sessions were personal and powerful, here is some of what I am experiencing: I have greater clarity in my life, what I want and don’t want, without feeling guilty or obligated!
I am more responsible in my awareness of my thoughts and feelings, and thus my actions. Speaking of greater awareness I have had a huge opening of communicating with the Universe, getting messages clearly. Being able to tune in to the energies of my surroundings and have the insight for the appropriate actions in that moment. This creates more fulfilling relationships with others. An overall BETTER balance of life! My life is fuller, richer and much more exciting. I highly recommend these sessions, the sooner you start the better!” S.B. Jakarta, Indonesia

“My deepest appreciation for an amazing EMF Phase XIII session. I was a bit unsure about “distance” session, but after my experience with you any doubts I previously held were blown away, replaced with immense gratitude.” N. B. Brazil

“Thank you for my Reflection session, I am so grateful for this amazing experience! I feel refreshed and renewed.” Z. B. New York City USA

“As the organizer of the group let me thank you for your great work and your generosity of Spirit you brought to our group session. You say you are reflecting us and that has inspired me to know more of who I am. We are still feeling the vibration of the intention days later! The group coherence is very strong and supportive, we will continue. We are more mindful of our actions and what we chose to manifest in our lives, thank you for the clarity.” D. P. Madrid, Spain

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my session with Peggy. It was as if I was right in front of her. Her presence is so encompassing, universal yet personal.” JSH, Calgary, CA

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